Loans offers for an Atypical workers.

Atypical workers may have many difficulties in finding the right loan for their needs. The main problem is related to the employment contract which, having a deadline, greatly limits the possibilities and options.

True Bank is one of the financial companies which, for the most part, has also turned to fixed-term workers by offering affordable and easy-to-obtain personal loans.

Characteristics of the Loans for atypical True Bank

Characteristics of the Loans for atypical True Bank

Let’s analyze in detail the loan for atypical True Bank as reported on the official website.

  • no maximum amount can be requested
  • recipients : aticipi, project workers, temporary workers, domestic workers, carers, apprentices
  • fixed installment and rate

The rate and the installment are fixed for the entire duration of the loan, which is customary for each type of personal loan. Regarding the duration and the minimum and maximum amount, True Bank does not specify this information on its website, presumably because it depends on the duration of the employment contract, which we have already talked about when we saw the fixed-term loans.

It may be essential to have a checking account in order to apply for this loan, since it is needed to receive the amount that is needed. At this point it is better to make the repayment via RID rather than as a loan with postal bulletins since it would also save the cost of the bulletin itself (currently $ 1.30).

No specific guarantee

No specific guarantee

Usually True Bank does not require any specific guarantee to allow you to apply for this loan, which is an interesting advantage.

Depending on the case, since Italian law allows it, you could also ask for the opening of a new loan even if there is already one in progress, but the last word is obviously up to the financial company, which should always do present their needs even before applying for a loan.

Advantages of loans 

Advantages of loans for aticipi

Loans for atypicals have the undoubted advantage of allowing even those who do not have a permanent contract to apply for a certain loan. Today, unfortunately, the labor market is moving a lot towards “expiring” employment contracts, because they are more elastic and because they allow the company not to bind to a single employee. Furthermore, even from a cost point of view for the company, they are much lower.

Considering this “trend” in the Italian labor market, loans for atypicals (also known as fixed-term loans or loans for temporary workers ) have seen their natural growth and, it is assumed, will see it even more in the future. The labor market is moving towards elasticity and the temporary contract is one of the ways to pursue this goal.